Accelerating the Future.

Ten years of Trimble RTX® technology milestones and innovations has done more than shape who we are as a company: It’s redefined what’s possible for hundreds of thousands of professionals across a wide range of markets. It’s also established a trajectory for what’s possible over the next ten years and beyond as we continue to be the leading innovators for technologies that forever change how we work and live.


A star is born

Trimble introduces Trimble RTX technology (Real-Time eXtended) with the launch of CenterPoint RTX real-time correction service for Agriculture.

With quick convergence times and repeatable inch-level accuracy, CenterPoint® RTX enabled farmers to cover more ground more accurately year over year with fewer interruptions—no additional hardware required.



The great expansion

Trimble RTX technology hits new agricultural markets worldwide.

As agricultural coverage expands to farmers worldwide via cellular delivery, Trimble RTX® technology is integrated into our surveying and infrastructure solutions, with xFill debuting as a solution for seamless GNSS real-time corrections during temporary RTK and VRS Now coverage outages.



& bounds

Trimble RTX technology makes the jump into new markets with new services. 

Momentum builds as Trimble RTX® technology enters the geospatial market, implements xFill™ into agriculture, and creates broader accuracy options with introduction of RangePoint™ RTX.



Out of the gate running

CenterPoint RTX Fast is unleashed, delivering less-than-a-minute convergence to select areas.

The introduction of CenterPoint® RTX Fast establishes a new standard for convergence, accuracy and productivity for farmers, surveyors and mappers—and now even on heavy civil construction sites.



Field presence

Trimble RTX further instills itself as an indispensable tool of productivity.

The release of the Trimble R2 GNSS receiver enables high-accuracy data collection for geospatial professionals through the mobile device of their choosing.



for all

Advancements push Trimble RTX to next horizons.

Geospatial advancements abound as xFill™ for machine control lets users sustain positioning during correction outages, and FieldPoint™ RTX gives customers another real-time accuracy choice in the field. The new MB-Two module paves the way for eventual on-road adoption of RTX.




Performance and speed reach new heights, more places.

With the convergence time (<1 min) up to 98% faster than satellite-delivered competitors, the expansion of CenterPoint® RTX Fast, combined with an across-the-board performance boost by adding the fifth constellation to the correction solution, improved the performance and reach for countless users in markets worldwide. 



Driven for precision

Trimble RTX technology redefines accuracy in the field and on the road.

Trimble RTX® technology hits historic highs with its implementation into General Motors’ Super Cruise™ hands-free driving system and by achieving sub-inch (2 cm) horizontal accuracy for its broad range of positioning applications.



On the road to autonomous

Trimble RTX technology revs up its role in autonomous driving and takes to the skies.

As RTX Fast coverage area doubles in North America, RTX Auto is introduced as a solution for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) requirements, while Trimble and Qualcomm align to develop safer, more advanced ADAS, and the Trimble UAS1 enables unmanned aerial systems to obtain precise positioning.



Often imitated, never duplicated

CenterPoint RTX Fast fulfills its goal for coast-to-coast U.S. availability.

CenterPoint® RTX Fast completes expansion to offer sub-inch accuracy and sub-minute convergence across the contiguous U.S. and southern Canada. With over 5 million square miles of total coverage, it is the largest high-performance GNSS correction network in the world.



Full steam ahead

Trimble continues to lead through innovation, outperforming year over year. 

For over a decade and onward, Trimble RTX continually raises the bar for corrections service with groundbreaking innovations that change how its users and subscribers work and live. 



the future

As we push boldly into the next decade and beyond, Trimble RTX® technology continues to break new ground for the industries we serve—both in the present and future.

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