Stay ahead of the game with Trimble’s correction services regardless of the challenges you face on the job. Reliably on point, Trimble corrections will help you achieve quick, precise measurements, time after time.

Trimble correction services give you the accuracy, uptime and support to ensure maximum efficiency and performance, even in the most challenging of environments. Find the right Trimble solution for your operation.

Available Services 

Trimble CenterPoint RTX

    Satellite delivered, RTX technology provides you with the freedom to work anywhere without interruption.

    Built on Trimble's exclusive RTX technology, Trimble CenterPoint® RTX provides real-time high-accuracy GNSS positioning services via satellite or cellular delivery worldwide. With quick convergence and no base station required,  get your job done quickly and correctly, even in the most remote or expansive locations. 

  • High Accuracy GNSS Corrections

    No matter where the job takes you, Trimble CenterPoint RTX keeps you working accurately and ready for whatever challenges the job might hold.

    • 2cm AccuracyPrecise, repeatable measurements help you get the job done quickly and correctly, the first time, every time.
    • Global AvailabilitySatellite-delivered real-time GNSS corrections, even in remote locations and across large geographic areas.
    • No SetupNo base station and quick convergence means work starts when you step on-site.
    • Reliable NetworkContinuous network monitoring with around-the-clock customer support ensures you work without interruptions.
    • Robust CorrectionsUsing the newest constellations (including GPS Generation III and BeiDou-III) ensures the greatest satellite availability no matter where you are working.
    • Multi-DisciplineCadastral, topographic, stakeout, mapping, utility survey (gas, water, power), control survey and more.

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Trimble VRS Now

    Instant access to RTK-level corrections via cellular delivery, no local base station or radio required.

    Trimble VRS Now provides instant access to RTK survey-level positioning within a fixed network. With better than 2 centimeter accuracy, it helps you achieve the quality standards you need. Improve your productivity and your profits.

  • Virtual Reference Station Corrections

    No matter the challenge, trusted Trimble VRS NowTM technology gives you the ability and accuracy to work fast and work efficiently through whatever the job holds.

    • Instant ConvergenceWith instant access to network RTK corrections and no base station to set up, you can start working the second you are on the job.
    • Multi ConstellationsWork more reliably in challenging GNSS environments, such as urban multipath or under tree canopy using the newest constellations (GPS Gen III, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and BeiDou-III)
    • No InterruptionOur reliable network uptime ensures you are never losing valuable time waiting for corrections.
    • Easy to UseNo learning curve. Precise positioning is as simple as connect, correct and measure.
    • AccuracyPrecise, reliable and repeatable, VRS Now centimeter-level accuracy helps you get it right, the first time and every time.
    • Always On Support24/7 network monitoring and maintenance with around the clock customer support to stay productive and reduce downtime.

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Trimble RTX Technology

Removing Obstacles So You Can Move Forward

Across the globe, teams of surveyors are tasked with projects that come with their own individual challenges and obstacles. Here are just a few of the ways Trimble’s RTX technology has helped them clear their hurdles and deliver the critical data that allows projects to move forward:


“If [Trimble CenterPoint®] RTX works on Gough Island, then it will work anywhere. [It] was invaluable for the success of the project.”John Houston | Taylor & Boyd

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“When we’re working jobs that require staking 3,000 miles of line, just imagine the time it would take if we had to lay out RTK base stations. The [RTX] system is so intuitive and easy to learn… [and] with the GNSS system, RMA can now do the job with just one person.”J.P. Metzler | RMA Engineering

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“There was a lot of gas, dust and loose rock [on the volcano’s slopes]. In many places it was quite dangerous and scary. Without Trimble RTX, it would have been very difficult and complicated to navigate to the desired points.”Dr. Juraj Papčo | Slovak Technical University

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“On just this one job we’ve more than paid for the year’s subscription to RTX. The value of the system is clear… We were consistently around 20 mm accuracy.”Ian Thompson | Cape Survey

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