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CenterPoint RTX Correction Service

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Always on. Always on point. 

Trimble CenterPoint® RTX is a global correction service designed to work with Trimble GNSS receivers providing surveyors with the best real-time positioning solution. Designed for untethered surveying (no base station setup) it will keep you reliably on point, first time and every time.


Are you a proud owner of a Trimble R12i, Trimble R12, Trimble R2 or any other high precision Trimble GNSS receiver? Keep reading and learn how Trimble CenterPoint RTX works with your receiver and helps you spend less time in the field.


Are you looking to upgrade or buy a new GNSS receiver? Browse the Trimble Geospatial GNSS systems product portfolio developed on a legacy of technology leadership and surveying expertise.


Trimble CenterPoint RTX real-time correction service provides robust,high-accuracy GNSS positioning via satellite or cellular delivery, giving you the freedom to work anywhere. The corrections are generated by using data from a worldwide network of ground-based GNSS tracking stations. These corrections are broadcast to your receiver and are ideal for surveying applications that require the highest precision.


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2 cm AccuracyPrecise, repeatable measurements help you get the job done quickly and correctly, the first time, every time.

Global AvailabilitySatellite-delivered real-time GNSS corrections, available even in remote locations and over large areas.

Robust CorrectionsUsing all constellations including GPS Generation III and BeiDou-III, ensures the greatest satellite availability no matter where you are working.

No SetupNo base station and quick convergence means work starts when you step on-site.

Multi-DisciplineCadastral, topographic, stakeout, mapping, utility survey (gas, water, power), control survey and more.

Reliable NetworkContinuous network monitoring with around-the-clock customer support ensures you work without interruptions.

  • always on. always on point. 


    Trimble provides high-accuracy GNSS corrections for the most precise survey work. No matter what the job is or where it is located, our corrections give you survey-grade accuracy with trusted reliability, every time, anywhere.

  • get it right the first time. every time.


    Trimble CenterPoint RTX real time correction service helps you achieve the quality standards for any mapping requirement such as topographic, cadastral and asset management in a variety of industries including; electric and gas, water and wastewater services and land management.

  • accurate control 


    Trimble has a positioning service for your civil engineering and construction surveying needs. No matter what you're building or where you're building it, our real-time correction services help you stay on point and on grade. 


RTX Coverage

Trimble RTX technology is our exclusive, advanced PPP correction service that provides real-time, centimeter-level positions. Experience true mobility working without the constraints of a local base station or VRS network, with high-level accuracy delivered to you worldwide via Satellite or Cellular/IP.

The satellite coverage area is shown on this globe. CenterPoint RTX Fast is available in most of North America and Europe. IP/ cellular coverage is achievable at any place where an internet connection is available.

RTXNA (North America)  
1555.8080 MHz at 2400 baud FAST
RTXMX (Mexico)  
1555.7825 MHz at 600 baud  
RTXAL (Latin America)  
1545.2850 MHz at 2400 baud  
RTXEA (Europe)  
1545.4900 MHz at 2400 baud FAST
RTXPA (Asia/Pacific)  
1545.2725 MHz at 2400 baud  
RTXIO (Central Asia)  
1545.5300 MHz at 600 baud  

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